ML2…What is it?

Greetings, Welcome to the website, Now working to help you accomplish amazing things in your life. We encourage you to dream big, organize your dreams and find ways to complete goals. Simplifying, researching and planning your Ambitions List (also known as “A Bucket List”) has never been easier

Our website and ML2 Incorporated USA were created so you can list your deepest ambitions. Take a few minutes to consider how small, or big the things you want to do can become. Anything could be your ambition, and we mean anything. We would like to be involved in assisting people with a global thinking process to finish any Ambition List. What could be on your list?

  • Travel?
  • Fitness?
  • Education?
  • Personal?
  • Financial?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Ownership?

These are just a few examples.

The dream started twenty years ago while working in the hospitality industry helping Guests at hotels complete vacation dreams. It occurred to us that we could be more to People who just had things they wanted to achieve in life. There was not a tool on the internet to list, plan or finish your bucket list. We built it. Now we are working to add all kinds of helpful services.

Log in and choose a membership.

Ambition Free Membership allows you to create an Ambitions List. This Folio of items you want to do will be saved on your dashboard to be shared and updated. Once organized, you can attempt each item and share with your friends, family and social contacts what you desire to do, or did.

Move up to the Ambitious Paid Plan for your Membership and get so much more. With One Payment, you get to immerse yourself in the ML2 World. More items on your Ambition List become available to you with twelve items you can focus on. See other Member Profiles and Dashboards. Share and Compare lists with everyone. Submit Photos and Member Logging to be published in the ML2 Community. Your dashboard will include a list of Ambitions, or portfolio, that you have completed. Change your Avatar, Awards, Stickers and visit trusted accomplices of ML2 to gain insight on how to execute your plans. If you get stuck, or have the need for assistance, please contact one of the ML2 Ambassadors. The ML2 Ambassadors are Assistive Team Members that will find the correct path to fulfill your Ambition.

Get your Membership now. Founding Ambitious Members receive benefits in the future upgrades, including Special Awards, Profile Frames and Accolades. Phase Two of our site will include the ability for you to communicate with other Members that have similar (or Even the Same) Ambitions as you have on your list. More resources to research and easier booking processes.

ML2 Incorporated is a Georgia Corporation, based in Forsyth County. We have a combined 100 years of experience in hospitality planning, goal making and leadership. We have collected contacts and experience for 25 years, and want to make these options available to you.

Our Mantra: You Can!
Our Goal: Finish The List.
Our Principles: Keep it Legal, Moral and Ethical.
Our Ethos: Find a Way to Finish.

Thanks for visiting Send questions about us and the site to

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