How It Works

Welcome to ML2!

This site is designed to be used to complete your Ambitions List. We at ML2 are not opposed to using the words “Bucket List,” but know that can make some feel…Well, like a Senior. Sorry!

Whatever you want to call it, this site will help you design your List. An Ambitions List is full of things you want to do. A Bucket List is made up of items you want to finish before you die. Hopefully, you see the difference. We want to assist you in organizing your list of things to do, then get them done.

The site is just starting out and can only grow with your help. The dream of each ML2 Partner, ML2 Affiliate and ML2 Team Member is that you find a community to guide and help you live the Ambitions you create.

Start with the “Get Started” Tab. Go to “Register Now”.

Fill out the form and get your registration email.

Once you get your access set up, pick a plan.

Ambition Free Plan – Five items on your list. Share them on social media, via text or email. Change them anytime. This is where you start to get organized

Ambitious Paid Plan – One Time Charge! Twelve Ambitions on your list. Share this Ambitions List to Social Media, via Text or Email. Change the List Anytime. When you finish an Ambition, we keep your finished list on your Dashboard. Stickers and Awards will be available on your Dashboard. Oh Yeah…We have a team of Ambassadors ready to assist you with items on your Ambitions List (Just Request Ambassador Assistance).

That is the basics. As noted above, ML2 is a growing community. We have great strides to make and need your ideas. In Phase Two of this amazing journey, we will develop Communities for items that are alike that will allow you to discuss plans and completed Ambitions with other Members.

ML2 Team Members are always ready to assist with your needs. We are also always willing to hear your feedback, so send up an email at with suggestions or ideas.

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